OSX Lion

I got in there early yesterday with an upgrade to OSX Lion. I have to say it was incredibly easy upgrade. Completely hands free. So why am I now having issues?

I’ve encountered a few problems already. Mainly with my development environments

  1. Xcode wouldn’t run. So I need to re-install to 4.1
  2. git installation blown.
  3. I Can’t build certain projects
  4. I can’t run some of my rake scripts. In particular ones for this blog tool ‘toto’.

Xcode installation was a problem. You now have to re-install Xcode 4.1 from the Mac Store. Download, then install from Mission Control. I got prompted to close iTunes , BUT it was already closed. the installation got stuck. If you get this problem follow the instructions below

  1. launch terminal.app
  2. run: ps aux | grep iTunes
  3. there should be a process running with name: iTunesHelper
  4. find the process number (in the second column)
  5. run: kill -9 “number” !!! take caution here

Xcode 4.1 installs git too. SO this now solves issue 2 too.

If you reload a project after upgrading to lion and Xcode 4.1 and it doesn’t build, Clean the Build Folder by holding down ALT and selecting Product from the menu. The “Clean” entry will now have changed to “Clean Build Folder” which will wipe the bad PCH duplicates and compile without errors.

Projects are not automatically upgraded to the LLVM compiler. You have to tell Xcode to run this task to0. Be careful though. some projects will only compile under GCC compiler.

Finally, my rake problems. Still trying to sort this out……